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    Optical losses

        Minimizing losses is an important part in the implementation of all communications systems including optical. The benefit of increasing transmission distances before the need to repeat the signal. read more...

        To perform the Experiment please follow the procedure:

1.  Install the run time engine program to operate each VI. 

2.  Activate the scope, and by pressing the  from the tool bar, and then press the  in each.


3.  Launch and run the NI ELVIs II Oscilloscope VI.


4.  Adjust the scope as follows, and take a screen shoot for the input and output.



Channel 0

Channel 1


1 V

1 V

DC offset

0 V

0 V


500 µ sec 500 µ sec


5.  Activate the scope's channel 1 input to observe the recovered message as well as the original version of it.


6. Measure the recovered message's RMS voltage. Record your measurements in the table below

Measurement 1


Measurement 2


Measurement 3


Measurement 4


Measurement 5


Measurement 6


Measurement 7


Diff. between Vmax, and Vmin in dB



7. List some of the physical factors affecting optical connections that can cuase the type of variation observed in table above.


8. What is effect on the connector's insertion loss of the voltage variation's observed in table above.


9.  In the difference between the maximum voltages in table 1 significant? Explain your answer.