Type: Joint Project in Curriculum Reform
Grant Holder: Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT)
Budget: 1,325,766.38 Euros
Duration: 3 Years
Start Date: 15 October 2012 to 14 October 2015                                                     
Subject Area: Electricity and Energy
National Priority
The project addresses the Jordan national priority for joint project of curricula reform, specifically modernisation of undergraduate curricula in renewable energy with emphasis on 3 cycle structure, ECTS and degree recognition. The project aims to develop and implement a new national undergraduate degree programme in renewable energy in Jordanian universities according to EU practices.  It will foster significant development in the professional human capacity of Jordanian universities and allow strong partnership with EU partners. This proposal is highly supported the Higher Education Accreditation Commission in Jordan.
Wider Objective
The wider objective of MUREE is to develop, integrate, accredit and evaluate a quality bachelor degree programme in Renewable Energy in Jordan with an appropriate laboratory component jointly taught by universities in Jordan, in accordance with the Bologna process.
Executive Summary
The project’s wider objective is to ensure that universities in Jordan are placed in a position to offer quality education compatible with European standards and meets socio-economic needs of the emerging knowledge-based society by strengthening renewable energy teaching in order to graduate professional leaders who can meet market needs of the country. Its direct aim is to enhance the capacity and enable Jordanian partner universities to develop sustainable renewable energy bachelor programmes with state-of-of-the-art educational technologies. MUREE will thus contribute to a sustainable outcome that will promote curriculum reform in engineering education and leave a longer-term legacy for Jordanian universities.
Specific Objectives
This objective will be achieved through the following activities:
• Short visits for the staff of Jordanian universities to EU partner institutions, and vice versa, to develop the study plan and curricula, select and prepare the content of 4 traditional and 2 eLearning courses in renewable energy, 2 traditional and 4 internet labs, with appropriate VLE delivery system;
• Series of seminars and workshops, both in Europe and Jordan to prepare, run and evaluate teaching material of the renewable energy bachelor programme, its associated practical work and online content, competencies and VLE;
• Training visits for younger and female Jordanian staff to EU universities to upgrade their knowledge;
• Short visits by senior staff of Jordanian universities to EU partner institutions to observe the experience of EU institutions which have adopted the Bologna system and to hold seminars in Jordan to promote it.
• Inject entrepreneurial spirit into the university culture in Jordan through networking between universities and enterprises in Europe and Jordan.
All project's partners have  rich experience in RE education and  successful track record and active participation in Tempus projects which will ensure that the consortium will achieve MUREE's objectives.